The Department for Education has now published details of the upcoming 2018-19 round of Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) which is open to Academies and sixth-form colleges.

CIF’s core priority is to address significant condition need to keep educational buildings safe and in good working order - only projects that demonstrate a high project need that aligns with CIF priorities are likely to be successful.

Previous CIF rounds have been heavily oversubscribed - over 3,800 applications were received in the 2017-18 bidding round with only 1,510 projects being approved for funding at a value of £496 million. (Source: Condition Improvement Fund: 2017 to 2018 outcome).

If your bid(s) covers the replacement of windows and/or doors or even a full facade replacement or overcladding programme, Prima Systems can assist you.

Prima Systems offer a FREE* survey and detailed facade condition report to help you make a strong case for funding and reinforce the consequences of non-remediation. We work closely with bid writers to fully assess the project’s needs and ensure that the supporting documentation we contribute is informative, relevant and clearly outlines the severity of the problems and the options available.

*Depending on the nature of your bid, much of our preparation service is provided at no cost if you are able to retain our company to supply and install the quoted elements should your bid be successful. This means that individual MAT’s and/or Client Agents are not spending money before the bid is announced as successful and Prima have a vested interest in helping to develop a high quality bid on your behalf.

request your free facade condition report

The Analysis

Façade condition report and survey detailing current conditions and failings in regards to health and safety

  • Ventilation issues including a CO2 air quality survey recorded via remote monitoring and advice to adhere to Building 101Thermal comfort including energy calculations to analyse the existing facade’s performance
  • Thermal comfort including energy calculations to analyse the existing facade’s performance
  • Structural integrity
  • Water penetration problems
  • Window/door operational assessment
  • Compliance concerns relating to current regulations with clear, visual evidence provided
  • Security implications
  • General appearance and usability issues
  • Conclusion and recommendations

The Bid Assistance

  • Full project overview including programme, deliverability and value for money indications
  • Cost summary for different improvement options
  • Façade design drawings and specification documents
  • Warranties and guarantees to ensure peace of mind and reliability on the investment

For more information on how our Facade Condition Survey can help give your CIF bids a boost, call our estimating team on 01304 842999 or email