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Customer charter

As a BS EN ISO 9002 registered company, Prima Systems (SE) Ltd is committed to maintaining and improving high quality standards to our clients based on:-

  • Professionalism
  • Care
  • Attention
  • Accountability

Prima Systems (SE) Ltd undertakes to meet these objectives through quality management systems developed in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and will endeavor to;

  • Consult with our customers; listen to what they say, and respond in the best way we can;
  • To facilitate ease of contact, direct dial phone lines are provided together with answer phone, e-mail & fax services. 24hr cover is provided by a message answering service;
  • Ensure that through the course of any contract all matters are dealt with by trained, professional staff empowered to give clear and concise answers wherever possible;
  • Ensure that any problems post contracts are dealt with within 15 working days, and wherever possible sooner (subject to the availability of parts).
  • Constantly search for ways in which we can improve our services and respond to changes which affect our customers;
  • Conduct customer care surveys to ensure the service offered is geared to the customer requirements;
  • Strive towards excellence in all our services, and provide the best value available;
  • Invest in our staff through training and development so we can provide the best service:
  • Do our best to care for the environment for today and the future.

In an effort to maintain and improve our quality assured service we welcome feedback from our clients.

If for any reason you feel our service is failing to reach its undertakings, or if you have any comments concerning its delivery, please contact us.

Environmental Policy

With Prima's Head Office being located within the small picturesque village of Nonington in Kent, we are very conscious of the impact that industry can have on the environment. To this end we sought to develop solutions to any environmental problems that we would produce as a company.

Over the years with our continued growth and expansion the amount of waste produced has increased. A major part of our Environmental Policy is therefore to recycle as much of our waste as possible which we are able to do.

Waste Management

PVCu - All wastage produced is removed to a designated storage area at the end of each working shift from where it is collected by outside recycling companies on a monthly basis.

Aluminium - Any wastage produced is removed daily to designated storage area prior to collection by outside recycling companies on a monthly basis.

Glass - Due to the dangerous nature of this particular material all glass waste is removed from working areas immediately to secured container from where it is collected by an external waste management company.

Metal - Old metal windows removed on site are returned to Prima’s yard and stored in designated container. Other metals are also stored for collection by outside recycling companies on a monthly basis.

Paper - All waste paper produced at Prima's Offices is placed into separate recycling bins. Paper is removed from the office to a designated storage area on a weekly basis from where it is collected by an external waste management company for recycling. Sensitive/Confidential documentation is recycled by specialist recycling company.

General - All areas within Prima's Office/Factory are supplied with sufficient bins for placement of any additional waste such as Food & Drink or packaging. At the end of each working day it is the responsibility of those persons working within that particular area to make sure that any such waste material is removed to designated storage area for weekly collection by external waste management company.

Noise Control

Because of Prima's location within a predominately residential area all buildings situated on our site have been insulated to reduce the effects of noise produced by machinery during working hours. We have also limited all heavy machinery use to between the hours of 07:30 and 19:00.


The second largest environmental problem faced by Prima is one of transport and the use of motor vehicles. Unfortunately the reality is that motor vehicles are the only method of transportation available. Whenever possible Prima has always endeavoured to reduce their use to a minimum.

Due to the recent growth and expansion by the company the number of vehicles has also increased. This did cause major problems for us due to the limited amount of parking spaces available. To this end it has been decided to implement a car sharing policy for all employees. This initiative has proved successful in reducing congestion both on company grounds aswell as within the surrounding villages.

Another step to reducing the effects of transport has been in limiting the number of deliveries and their times throughout each week, with each supplier making usually only one delivery per week.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Statement of Policy

  1. We recognise that discrimination is unacceptable and although equality of opportunity has been a long standing feature of our employment practices and procedure, we have made the decision to adopt a formal equal opportunities policy. Breaches of the policy will lead to disciplinary proceedings and, if appropriate, disciplinary action.
  2. The aim of the policy is to ensure no job applicant or employee is discrimination against either directly or indirectly on the grounds of race, colour, creed, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political opinion or affiliation, sex, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.
  3. We will ensure that the policy is circulated to any agencies responsible for our recruitment and a copy of the policy will be made available for all employees and made know to all applicants for employment.
  4. The policy will be communicated to all private contractors reminding them of their responsibilities towards the equality of opportunity.
  5. The policy will be implemented in accordance with the appropriate statutory requirements and full account will be taken of all available guidance and in particular any relevant Codes of Practice.
  6. We will maintain a neutral working environment in which no worker feels under threat or intimidated.

Recruitment & Selection

  1. The recruitment and selection process is crucially important to any equal opportunities policy. We will endeavour through appropriate training to ensure that employees making selection and recruitment decisions will not discriminate, whether consciously or subconsciously, in making these decisions.
  2. Promotion and advancement will be made on merit and all decisions relating to this will be made within the overall framework and principles of this policy.
  3. Job descriptions, where used, will be revised to ensure that they are in line with our equal opportunities policy. Job requirements will be reflected accurately in any personnel specifications.
  4. We will adopt a consistent, non-discriminatory approach to the advertising of vacancies.
  5. We will not confine our recruitment to areas or media sources which may provide only, or mainly, applicants of a particular group.
  6. All applicants who apply for jobs with us will receive fair treatment and will be considered solely on their ability to do the job.
  7. All employees involved in the recruitment process will periodically review their selection criteria to ensure that they are related to the job requirements and do not unlawfully discriminate.
  8. Short listing and interviewing will be carried out by more than one person where possible.
  9. Interview questions will be related to the requirements of the job and will not be of a discriminatory nature.
  10. We will not disqualify any applicant because he / she is unable to complete an application form unassisted unless personal completion of the form is a valid test of the standard of English required for the sale and effective performance of the job.
  11. Selection decisions will not be influenced by any perceived prejudices of other staff.

Training & Promotion

  1. Senior staff will receive training in the application of this policy to ensure that they are aware of its contents and provisions.
  2. All promotion will be in line with this policy.


  1. We will maintain and review the employment records of all employees in order to monitor the progress of this policy.
  2. Monitoring may involve:
    • The collection and classification of information regarding the race in terms of ethnic / national origin, the sex and disability of all current employees.
    • The examination by ethnic / national origin, sex and disability of the distribution of employees and the success rate of the applicants.
    • Recording recruitment, training and promotional records of all employees, the decisions reached and the reason for those decisions.
  3. The results of any monitoring procedure will be reviewed at regular intervals to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of this policy. Consideration will be given, if necessary, to adjusting this policy to afford greater equality of opportunities to all applicants and staff.
Health and Safety

General Statement of the Company's Health & Safety Policy

It is the Company's firm intention to ensure that the highest practicable standards of Health, Safety and Welfare are achieved in respect of its operations.

The Company accepts in full its obligations to work to the requirements of all legislation and codes of good practice relating to Health, Safety and Welfare. Management and supervisory staff have the duty and responsibility for implementing this policy in a manner, which ensures that Health, Safety, and Welfare considerations are always given priority.

The effectiveness of the Company's Health and Safety Policy relies heavily on the co-operation of Company employees and the competency of those persons engaged by the company. Prima Systems (SE) Ltd will ensure through its training policy the competence of employees. Sub-contractors will be encouraged to keep their competence and qualifications updated and it is their duty and responsibility to do everything possible to prevent injury to themselves and to others.

The Company aims to develop an excellent record for Health and Safety at its places of work. It recognises that this is achieved through the active participation, of both management and those employed by the Company, in identifying hazards and risks and then taking positive action to control them.

The Company has appointed the Managing Director Mr Dean Halfpenny as the person with overall responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare.

Modern Day Slavery Act Policy

Prima Systems (SE) Ltd recognises that modern slavery is a crime and an infringement on human rights. The term 'modern slavery' is used to encapsulate the crimes of slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.

We are committed to preventing modern day slavery occurring in any of our corporate activities as well as seeking to ensure that our supply chain is free from such practices. Additional procedures are in place to ensure that this policy is understood and communicated to all levels of the company and that it is regularly reviewed to ensure continued commitment to identifying and preventing areas of risk.

This will be achieved by implementing and enforcing effective processes and controls in order to support our aim of minimising the risk of human trafficking and modern slavery occurring.

Our commitment

All employees, directors, agency workers, subcontractors, agents, suppliers, external consultants and business partners must:-

  • Ensure they read and comply with this policy and understand that compliance forms an integral part of our contractual relationship with them
  • Avoid any activity that might lead to a breach of this policy
  • Detect, prevent and report any suspected incidents of unfair treatment in any part of Prima System’s business and also that of our sub-contractors/suppliers
  • Be vigil at all times and report any concerns to management, who are expected to act upon them immediately
  • Understand that failure to comply with policy will result in disciplinary action and/or termination of the business relationship

Our responsibility

Prima System’s Management team will take overall responsibility of the policy and its procedures including monitoring its use and effectiveness, answering any queries as well as carrying out periodic reviews of relevant procedures to ensure they continue to be effective in countering modern day slavery.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 30 June 2018.


Prima Systems are fully insured for Employers liability, Public & Products Liability and Contractors All Risk.

Professional Indemnity (HCC)

To request a copy of Prima Systems' Professional Indemnity certificate please contact us.