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Charles Lister Court

Main contractor:

Housing 21



Project Overview:

Charles Lister Court is a managed sheltered accommodation complex of 48 flats located in Dover Kent owned by Housing 21.

The works comprised the complete refurbishment of the external façade including installation of high performance Upvc windows, fire rated timber doors, the repair and redecoration of the timber shiplap cladding, fascia & soffits and the overhaul/replacement of rainwater products.

An early and continued engagement process was implemented to ensure staff and residents were aware of the scope and programme of work on a daily basis, ensuring a safe working environment was maintained with minimal disruption to all parties.

The refurbishment provides the residents with a refreshed building façade, user friendly and thermally enhanced windows and compliant external door sets.

As part of our environmental strategy all of the existing Upvc framing & double glazed units were separated and recycled massively reducing the landfill footprint of the project.